Creatively Surviving Winter

During the winter I always find myself wanting to cuddle up in a warm jumper, and preferably stay in bed. Besides being practically impossible, it is also a great way to kill your creative output. So to help keep your creative production levels up, I decided to compile a short list of things which will help when the weather is much less than encouraging.


Besides a heater, this is the ultimate way to avoid freezing. Personally I use mine constantly, as I will be able to keep warm even at my desk. It is one of the ultimate indispensable items for me, ranking almost as high as my laptop.


Through personal experience I know that a large sketchbook is somewhat a chore to carry around, and thus remaining empty. However on a small sketchbook you can even draw while in bed, on the sofa, or wherever. So really there is no excuse any more.


This is probably the most important one. In the cold winter days it’s almost easier to procrastinate than to slip on a butter covered floor! To avoid the need to return to bed after the warm tea, it’s best not to be wearing your pyjamas to further distance yourself from temptation.


You guessed it, right now I’m wearing a pair of fuzzy gloves which I refuse to take off until I absolutely need to. Although this really depends on what you are doing, it’s a good way to not having your fingers almost fall off while trying to do something.


It is impossible to get anything done if you don’t have a single target. Now is the time to embark on new projects and plan new things. If this doesn’t work to get you motivated you can always use them as a reminder on what you should be doing.


The miracle worker! A cup of tea keeps me warm while not really taking my mind off what I’m doing. I use it as a sort of treat to get my incentives going.