Organising a Get-Together… in Less Than 2 Hours!

Everybody loves a birthday get-together. They are a perfect excuse to meet friends in the comfort of your own home, while drinking a little extra as you’re not going to be driving anywhere. That is why I’m always up for one and whenever someone’s birthday is approaching, I always volunteer.

What most often happens is that one does not have enough time to prepare, and instead of having fun ends up having a very stressful experience. However with some planning you can prepare everything in less than two hours. Here are the recipes that I have used, which you can follow to have a fun night without the usual stress that comes along with get-togethers.

The most important item of such an event is food. No one will be able to enjoy anything on an empty stomach. The reason I chose a dish rather than party food is that it is more filling, less time consuming to make, and once it’s ready drinks and snacks can be enjoyed. I chose a simple recipe that does not take more than half an hour to prepare, thus reducing the panic factor. Click here for the recipe. I used cellentani instead of linguine, as I ran out of them.


For dessert I chose the very addictive recipe of the Crunchy Chocolate and Marshmallow Cake. My mum made this once and everybody loved it and could not have enough of it. Not only does it taste amazing, but it also does not take a long time to make. In fact it is one of those non bake cakes which you simply refrigerate. Click here for the recipe.


Of course, there is no party without that little bit of alcohol. To make things a little bit more fun than just opening a good bottle of wine, I decided to go for shots. After all no one can say no to that. I opted for the colour blue which was the birthday girl’s favourite colour. I also decided to go ahead and use one of my own recipes. Not only does it have an appealing appearance but it also tastes really good. The recipe is as follows.


20 ml Sambuca

12ml Blue Curaçao

12 ml double cream



Layer the Sambuca, Blue Curaçao and double cream. Remember to pour the spirits really slowly, and over a spoon. Then add a couple of drops of honey in the middle.


And finally, some cocktails to end everything on a sweet note, and while also allowing time for socializing. I wanted the cocktail also to be blue (to have some form of consistency)  so I decided to make the Blue Hawaii. Click here for the recipe. Somehow mine turned out green rather than blue, but it still tasted amazing.


And there you have it, a simple yet complete plan to organize a simple get together for a couple of friends, which should not take more than two hours. It is very important to allow time to wind down prior to when people start arriving. After all, this is meant to be fun!