Something Special featuring “Impress When You Dress”

Following our last article ‘My Eight Legged Love‘ which might have caused some of you to feel slightly jittery, for today’s post we have something a bit more on the girly-side.  Our ‘Something Special’ features one or more of our (or your) personal favourite possessions. We give you the details and the story! For today’s something special we have chosen one of our followers who is both a fashion enthusiast and an illustrator, Gemma from Impress when you dress



A few of my favourite fashion headbands from my collection…

What’s so special about them?

The reason I’ve chosen to do a post on my headband collection is because I feel my slight obsession with headbands has become a part of my identity. I started my obsession when I first decided to have my hair cut into a pixie style last year. I felt more insecure after having my hair cut so short, not because I didn’t like the style, but with my school uniform I felt I was unable to look as feminine with a shirt and tie and wanted to maintain my girly style. This led me to browsing through a number of shops for a range of hair accessories that were acceptable for school and my everyday wear. At first I only had one or two headbands … since then I have counted I have up to 48 headbands! So here’s a few of my favourites!

What’s the story?

Glittery Flower Headband – This headband is a particular favourite of mine for summer because it matches nearly all my summer wardrobe! I bought this in a small boutique in Alcudia, Spain when on holidays last year with my mother. I love it as I can hide any of my messy bed hair with it and it instantly makes any ordinary outfit look a little more glitzy and glamourous!


Skull Headband – This headband I created with a skull broche I bought from a boutique I bought in Cardiff, and an ordinary studded headband from River Island. I like this headband as it looks really rock chic when worn with a skater skirt and rock t-shirt – it’s great for concerts.


Diamond Grey Headband – This diamond grey headband was a bargain buy in the river island sales in January. It looks great with any type of outfit and sometimes I even manage to get away with wearing it to school with my uniform!

Want to see more? Here are some of Gemma’s other pretty, glitzy and flowery headbands:







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