Surround yourself with flowers

A few weeks ago I was reading a post on Apartment Therapy where there was a great suggestion about how to decorate with flowers around the house. I’ve been using this method since! First of all, flowers are a brilliant way to brighten up a dull day, especially a winter day when all is gloomy and grey. A bright bouquet in the kitchen window sill just makes everything that little bit better. Anyway let’s get to the tip! Apartment Therapy suggests that you get a nice big bouquet of flowers, and rather than putting it in one big vase, splitting it into many different containers. The containers can be anything from small vases to vintage bottles and recycled glass jars. This way you have multiple small bouquets that you can put around your house; on your desk and on the coffee table, on your dresser and in the entry way. You can even decide to display them next to each other, however I’m a much bigger fan of splitting them in different rooms. You can still have the main bouquet, I like to keep this in the kitchen. Apartment Therapy also refers to flowers as a gift to your house, and they do make a difference.

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flowers1 flowers4 flowers5


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