Layering ink, a Passion for Printing

Sometimes there are things which make us dream, make us wonder how far they would take us and the new possibilities they would open. I used to have this feeling about silk screen printing for many years, however after failing to find supplies and tutors in Malta I decided to let it go. That is until last May, when I decided to jump in and spend (the only money I had) on screen printing equipment.

I have been long interested in the technique. I was always fascinated by the method of producing photographic prints, mainly as the process was always so clouded in mystery to me. This printing technique also allows the use of block colours, sharp lines, and layering. It was the exact aesthetic I am interested in, so this attraction towards the process was very natural.

After contacting several art shops in Malta, I concluded that no one really imports silk screen material, at least not for commercial sales. I was left with the only option of ordering from abroad, facing extraordinary shipping costs. However it was all worth it, as it provided me with not just a new medium, but a new way to make my work, and a new way to think.

The design printed on a transparent film, part of the preparation for making the stencil.

The design printed on a transparent film, part of the preparation for making the stencil

Silk screen is a printing process which makes use of a prepared ink blocking mesh, while forcing ink through the stencil using a squeegee. It allows for various colours in a single image by the use of multiple screens. Nowadays it is industrially replaced by digital printing, however it is still used for printing on T-shirts, especially those which are custom made. However my interest in the process lies solely as an art form and book making.

The origins of silk screen lie back in the Chinese Song Dynasty, but the process used today was developed in the Europe over the 20th century. It was made popular as an art form by several artists including Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

I decided to make a design which represents this blog by taking several elements from various past posts, and also adding some from my own imagination.

After printing the black part

After printing the black part

Printing the blue
Printing the blue

Mixing the red

Mixing the red

The finished print

The finished print


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