Sensible Secrets: Pumpkin, Orange and Raisin Jam

As we promised, Design Sorbet’s ‘Fresh Start’ will include a variety of different posts for you this year. We will start from today’s ‘Sensible Secrets‘, a bimonthy post where we pester ladies with a truck load of experience to share some of their wisdom with us.

Our guest today is indeed a very special one, especially for me because it is my own mother, who also happens to be an excellent cook. My mother, Miriam will share with us her passion for homemade jam through the step by step guide of her special pumpkin jam recipe. My mother is a full time housewife who is always on the go when it comes to cooking. Her kitchen in fact, looks more like a food laboratory, with various delicious treats being cooked constantly, and simultaneously. Besides being a fantastic jam maker, she is mostly fond of seafood dishes and hearty soups.  Miriam will soon be selling her delicious homemade Jam in a variety of flavours so look out for her facebook page in the coming days.


Miriam in her favourite place on earth…her equipped kitchen

Pumpkin, Orange and Raisin Jam:

1 kilo pumpkin

1 kilo oranges

Some orange seeds

Orange peel

2 kilos sugar, or as needed

200 gr raisins

Water (as needed, depending on the consistency of the mixture)

A pinch of cinnamon or other spices of your choice (optional)

1.Cut the pumpkin in slices and bake for 45 minutes

1.Cut the pumpkin in slices and bake for 45 minutes.



2. Peel and shred the Pumpkin.



3. Peel and cut the oranges into cubes. Remove seeds (do not throw them away).


4. Cut the orange peel into small pieces.


5. Place the oranges, pumpkin, orange peel and raisins into a large pan. Add water, try to cover most of the mixture.



6. Add the sugar.

jam 1


7. Add the seeds by putting them in a net sack or a small closed sieve, remove them after cooking.



8. Cook over a low flame and allow to simmer for 2 hours.



9. Taste the jam to check flavour and consistency. Remove the pan from the heat while tasting the jam.


10. When reached the setting point ladle into the sterilised jars.


The final step is to process the jars in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes (this helps to prevent mold growth). Check step 13 on this link for more details on how to do this:

So our sensible secrets to produce genuinely great tasting Jam are:

. Slow cooking till the consistency is sticky and thick

. Be creative, try a  variety of fruit, spices and other ingredients

. Always taste your mixture  to check if it needs more sugar (be careful because it could be extremely hot)

. Make sure that the jars are well sealed and are stored in a cool place


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