Sketchbook Chicks

I have to admit that from the four Sketchbook Chicks, the internet addict is probably the one I can relate to the most. The Internet addict can be many things because a lot of people are addicted to various areas of the internet. I guess I fall under the social-networking, blogging, article-reading, meme-loving kind, rather than the facebook-immersed socialite or the gamer 🙂 The internet addict is indeed a bit of a technophile, with various quirky items in her inventory, the latest gadgets always at hand, and of course buys 99% of her things online. Certain things in the sketch are based on my own personal items such as the sharpener-shaped pencil holder, the iMac, and the wooden headphones from Modcloth that I AMOST got, but then they were out of stock, so I got similar retro ones from HMV 🙂 Then there’s the Oatmeal book, Dvds, iPad, cookies… and the beautiful Cambridge Satchel that I sadly cannot afford at the moment, (if you’re going to click that link, beware… you will want one too instantly!). Anyway enough from me! This is the final Sketchbook chick, but I have more Fashion-related illustrations for you in the coming weeks, I can’t wait to share them with you! 🙂

Sketchbook Chick 1: The Fashion Blogger

Sketchbook Chick 2: The Art Professor

Sketchbook Chick 3: The Foodie 


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