New Year’s Thoughts

With the beginning of a new year, we tend to look back and reflect about the good and the bad of the outgoing year.  Yet, we also tend to proceed towards the incoming year with new hopes of better days.  That is why we tend to reflect upon our actions and think about some new year’s resolutions; Although we might not follow them up successfully for the next 365 days – we still do!   This year, rather than coming up with my own set of resolutions, I had a look at what other authors had to say during this time of reflection.  What I found out was that whenever anyone imparts some ‘words of wisdom’, by reading between the lines, I see what I consider to be ‘universal truths’.  If we had to dig (not really deep) in what the following contemporary authors reflected upon in the last few days, we might spot something – a piece of advice, a thought, or an experience – to which we can relate and resonate within ourselves.  Therefore, we collected together a number of posts by some contemporary authors which have been posted in the last few days at the turn of the new year.  Will you find a piece of yourself in the following blog posts by some of these contemporary authors?  Here, have a go…

1. Danielle LaPorte (Author & Motivational Speaker) On Letting Go

On Letting Go2. Paolo Coelho (Novelist) On Moving Forward

On Moving Forward
3. Philip Bloom (Filmmaker) On the Work/Life Balance

On Work Life Balance
4. Karen Salmansohn (Author & Oprah Columnist) On Finding Beauty

On Finding Beauty

5. Rhonda Byrne (Author) On Changing The World

On Changing the World


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