Sketchbook Chicks

Today’s sketchbook chick is ‘the foodie’. Who doesn’t appreciate a foodie? We might not all love making food, but we sure love eating it! So being around a foodie is never a bad thing, unless she’s the lecture-giving type, then it’s kind of annoying. I’m no foodie myself, although I do enjoy cooking (and who doesn’t in this reality-cooking show era!) but a foodie is someone I aspire to be should I have more time on my hands. Foodies enjoy cooking the trickiest of foods, are constantly baking goodies for friends and family, and usually grow their own herbs and greens, and if not, will look for the freshest possible produce. I imagine their kitchen to be quite rough around the edges, the Jamie Oliver kind, or perhaps similar to the illustration above; an overload of Cath Kidson prints on the surrounding fabrics.

Are you a foodie yourself?

You might like.. an endless supply of user submitted delicious recipes, in a grid form; the beautiful pictures are enough to deserve a bookmark in my browser 🙂 a food blog containing anything from collections of recipes (of course!) as well as inspiring kitchen designs, decor, etiquettes and other food & kitchen related fun posts. a local favourite of mine; Emma’s going through the ABC’s by means of food. Great blog, great looking food (haven’t tried her recipes yet but I sure need to) and just fantastic images and graphics, we’re all suckers for that.

And OBVIOUSLY I’ve learned most of my cooking from here. Allrecipes helped me through my University years and is now my go to guide mostly when I’m looking for a specific recipe and I want to compare between one and the other (don’t ignore the comments though! What’s better than recipes with feedback?)


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