Revamp of old unwanted garment

Hey hey! Here’s our first Guest Post by the talented Elisha Camilleri, enjoy! 😉

Christmas is on its way and with so many good offers around it is so easy to get lured into buying irrational items – many gifts end up in the closet unused. Twentieth-century technology has made it possible to mass-manufacture cheaply. A study revealed that as much as 700,000 tons of textiles and 100 millions pairs of shoes are being disposed of every year in the United Kingdom. This fact alone should be enough to motivate us to ponder about our  purchases.

There are many ways to contribute to our environment and this should not be limited solely to garments. Updating your winter wardrobe doesn’t necessarily mean buying new garments which will last just one season. Firstly most of us have overlooked some of the pieces bought last winter – try by putting pieces together in different combinations. I promise this can just have as powerful an effect as something new.

Visit your local charity shop and savor upon pieces that can be worn or customised. While you’re at it grab those unused pieces in your wardrobe and hand them over. Customising garments could be an enjoyable process, especially when unpicking the garment, you might encounter some interesting detail which could turn into a key feature.

Key trends  this winter  include layering and prints. Look out for pieces which carry beautiful fabrics. Tip: pick the ones that  have aged well – the final piece would certainly carry that unique rustic element.

While going through my mum’s wardrobe I came across  three cotton velvet skirts still in good condition. None of them were my size – this provoked the idea of creating a casual smart outfit to wear during the upcoming Christmas season. Some photographs below to get you in the mood.

And remember home made gifts tend to be more appreciated.

Design: Eli sha

Photographer: Eli sha

Model: Eve Warrington  Student/Doctor of Medicine and Surgery (








Elisha is a full time Fashion Designer and tailor currently specialising in smart and casual wear, working with technical jersey and woven fabrics. For more visit Below is one of her pieces (photographed by Elisa Von Brockdorff and modelled by Ali Bosios) & a glimpse at one of her sketches.

elisha2 elisha3


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