Gift Guide

Our Gift Guide caters for three different types of creatives; the socialite, the technophile, and the Artsy Fartsy. We tried to keep our selection on the low-cost side, giving you three sets of gifts for each creative; Under 15 Euros, Under 40 Euros, Under 100 Euros, and luxury gifts. Each and every gift that you see here, we chose because we would want this for ourselves, we hope you find them just as lovely ūüôā

socialite1. Topshop Hair Bow

2. French Women Don’t Get Fat

3. New Look Handbag

4. Accessorize Necklace

5.¬†New Look “I’m not a paper cup”

6. Topshop Earmuffs

7. Etsy Necklace

8. Zara Vase

9. Debenhams Hat

10. Benefit Jet Set Beauty Box

11. Next Handbag

12. Asos Sweater

13. Diane von Furstenberg Clutch

14. Etsy Vintage Brass Mirror

15. Topshop Heels

16. Tiffany & Co Charm

mood board 2

1. Midnight in Paris Movie DVD

2. Grapefruit: A book of instruction and drawings (hardback) by Yoko Ono

3. Homemade Gifts (homemade jams and mince pies)

4. 2013 Lichtenstein Masterpieces Deluxe Diary (Domberger Calendars) 

5. Marks and Spencer Frankincense & Myrrh Fragrance Candle 

6. Guise and Dolls Pin 

7. Sharp Image Pencil Sharpener 

8. Caran d’Ache¬†Supracolor Soft Aquarell¬†

9. ASOS Book Clutch Bag With Metal Corners

10. Henri de Toulouse РLautrec iPad Cover 

11. Veuve Clicquot Champagne Vintage Rose with bottle Case 

12. Fine Art Print (Sous lesgrands arbres #5 by Virgine Gallois) 

13. Glass Teapot with infuser 

14. ASOS Satchel Bag With Metal Corners

15.  Leah, Rachel & Julia City Scarf 

Moodboard Technophile

  1. White Bow Tie for Ladies
  2. Bird Pattern Homewear Socks by Oysho
  3. Asos Basic Converter Gloves for Mobile Device / Computer Users
  4. iPhone Case – Retro Twin Reflex Camera
  5. Griffin Stylus for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
  6. Pixel Bow Necklace
  7. Call to Charm Cell Phone Handset in Red
  8. Big Bang Theory Box Set (Seasons 1-4)
  9. Asos Felt Pork Pie Hat
  10. Emoticon Wine Glass Charms (Set of 6)
  11. Bamboo Solar Charger for any Phone or Tablet
  12. Tweed Headphones
  13. Gray and Yellow Clutch for iPad and iPad Mini
  14. Elizabeth Lau for Asos ‘Lizzie’ Jumper
  15. Wallee Case and Wall Mount for Galaxy, Nexus, iPad and iPad Mini
  16. Michael Kors 15″ Jet Set Travel Tote for MacBook Pro



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