Food Post

Hey hey, miss us? We got together a few days ago to discuss a special post that we’ve got in store; a cliche’ that for some reason no one can get enough of; This season’s Gift Guide 🙂 Don’t worry though, we’re making sure you can afford most of the stuff, and that of course, you will love all of the stuff we put there. So stay tuned for that this weekend, and in the meantime if you’re looking for something easy-ish to cook to make you feel cosy during these chilly days, here’s something which doesn’t require a lot of effort, isn’t expensive to make, but takes a bit of time… like most delicious winter food.

Beef stew! Looks yummy right? Here’s how to do it: fry two medium-sized onions in some oil or butter, then add chopped beef to the pan. In the meantime chop a few carrots and potatoes. When your beef is brown, throw it in the casserole, then mix in the carrots and potatoes. Rather than stock, here I used a beef casserole mix with wine (not water!). Throw this in the casserole, and basically cook for around an hour and 15 minutes. The more you wait, the better, and if you’re using terracotta casseroles like yours truly, in the last 45 minutes you should stir your stew every 10 minutes so it doesn’t stick. Once it’s done, fry an egg, place it on top of your stew (here served in a smaller terracotta bowl) and serve with toasted garlic bread, pepper & cheese (we have used old Amsterdam for this one).

We’re no professional cooks but everyone agreed that this tasted fantastic.

Today I’m trying out this onion, potato and carrot soup, it has great ratings so I’m expecting a good dish 🙂


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