Abandon hope, all ye who enter here….

We’re back again with our mystery literature box containing one of the most important classics of all times. Once more, we invite you to try to guess which book we have selected for you this time. (Click here to look at our first mystery literature box)

Have you guessed? It’s of course The Divine Comedy by Dante  Alighieri

Full Description 

“The plot of the poem is set around Dante’s pilgrimage through the afterlife. He starts out being lost and is advised by Virgil the poet (whom he admired), advising him that he had to go through Hell to get out. With Virgil’s aid he goes through Hell in which he intertwines real characters with fictional ones. This continues as he goes through Purgatory. He is then guided by another (believed by many to be the woman whom he loved since childhood Beatrice) to Heaven where he encounters God.”

(Source for Book Description)

(Source of Book Purchase) 

Suggested places to read: JJ Cathedral Pub, Florence (in the bar`s balcony with magnificent views of the Duomo facade and the Baptistery of the Cathedral that are directly opposite the bar) or La Cantinetta, a cozy wine bar in the heart of Florence 

Suggested time: On a lazy autumn afternoon

Suggested food/drink: A glass of Chianti Classico (preferable a Castello di Verrazzano)  or a Bellini cocktail.  A slice of foccacia with buffalo mozzarella and some cantucci with almonds dipped in Vin Santo 

Us at JJ Cathedral Pub in 2010


Related material that you might like:

The Dore Illustrations for Dante`s Divine Comedy (136 Plates by Gustave Dore)

Il Libro Segreto di Dante (il codice nascosto della divina commedia) di Francesco Fioretti 

‘Beata Beatrix’ c.1864-70 (oil on canvas) by Dante Gabrielle Rosetti 

‘Dante and Beatrice’ 1884 (oil on canvas) by Henry Holiday

Salvador Dali Illustrations of the Divine Comedy 

The House museum of Dante in Florence 

Other books by Dante Alighieri :

Vita Nuova: The New Life by Dante Alighieri, Translated by Dante Gabrielle Rosetti


This post has been lovingly composed in fond memory of my nanna Bice, whose name inspired the choice of book this month. We have therefore decided to use one of Bice’s possessions as our mystery box; a beautiful book-shaped biscuit tin.



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