Something Special

‘Something Special’ is a regular post where we put the spotlight on one of our personal items that we think you would like. (If you would like to showcase a special belonging message us on our Facebook Page!)

Objects: Etui Vintage Look Leather Handbag & Deep Crimson Leather Bag from the San Lorenzo Leather market in Florence

What’s so special about them?

This time I’m bringing you two special things, unfortunately if you like them, you might have to travel to get a hold of them (although you can always get lucky on ebay!). Another option is to spend hours on Etsy searching through leather goods (as I’ve been doing everyday for the past two weeks), I’m sure you’ll find something similar, or better ;). I have chosen these two bags because they are practical, durable and beautiful!

I use the brown vintage-look leather bag practically everyday to carry my laptop to and from work. It has a compartment for documents and a pocket with a zipper inside , there’s even a little key on the side to lock, (although I never actually use this…ain’t no one got time for that!). I get constant compliments about this bag and if you’re heading to the large London Topshop in Oxford Circus, there’s plenty of similar bags with these flowery motifs. This bag also seems to be the obsession of other bloggers, you can find more pics of it and other variations here & here.

This red leather bag is fantastic because it is a huge lady bag disguised as a cool compact bag. It looks small-ish but it has plenty of room inside. It also has 2 pockets on the side for extra stuff. Great for work and to carry stuff around, mostly for winter though, since it’s a deep red colour and made of leather.  My mum actually has an exact same bag in brown and she managed to travel to Italy for three days and fit all her belongings in this Mary Poppins bag!

Birthplace and Story:

Brown Bag: I was heading to the huge Oxford Circus London Topshop to buy a specific coat that I had seen online. After what looked like a three hour futile hunt around the store, I lost all hope, but decided that I wanted to get something better with the money that I had saved. That’s when I remembered the Etui bags on the ground floor that I had been eyeing for some time, but that I could never afford. This time, the brown Etui Satchel would be mine! Each one of these Etui bags has a unique vintage-looking print and is made from what looks like used soft leather. The bag was around £150… no regrets!

So in case you were wondering why my mum has the same bag as I do, it’s because I wanted to buy it as a gift for her from Florence, but I couldn’t help buy one for myself as well. The San Lorenzo market is not to be missed if you’re thinking of going to Florence… check out the last picture of some tourists buying leather bags from the market.


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