We have been meaning to get together and plan a ‘rizzi’ (sea urchin) meal since last summer, but you know how it is with planning these things, if you don’t set a date, they never happen! So we have finally done it last Thursday, albeit a few months late. The recipe actually uses thawed rizzi, since you can buy it frozen, but it’s always best to go for the fresh stuff if you can get it.  Sea Urchins are a traditional mediterranean seafood dish, very popular in Malta during the summer. A few years ago it was common to see locals by the sea picking rizzi and eating it with traditional Maltese bread, tomatoes, fresh mint, capers and a little bit of olive oil (why not). It is eaten raw and basically you just need to pick the yummy orange stuff with a small knife or a spoon. Nowadays rizzi are protected by legal notice, and you can only pick a few rizzi to eat there and then.


Here’s a couple of snaps of us from last summer, eating fresh rizzi from the crystal blue sea of Zurrieq.

If you’re looking to pick and eat fresh rizzi, make sure that you don’t eat the flat jet black rizzi (rather than a rounder dark brown). These flat ones are called ‘patrijiet’ which translates to ‘priests’ and they’re not edible.

So here we are a year and a half later with a rizzi recipe for you. We actually made some mixed seafood apart from the rizzi, and we used the exact same ingredients, we just divided the sauce half way through and cooked the rizzi & mixed seafood in individual pans.This is how to do it, but before you start, pour yourself a glass of white wine, it will make it much more enjoyable! (Bordeaux or Sparking Wine/Champagne goes well with rizzi, but even simple dry white wine will do the trick :))
If you’re using frozen rizzi, one small container will serve three people
Chilli (optional)
Fresh lemon juice
Fresh Parsley or Mixed Herbs
Couple of cherry tomatoes
Spaghetti or Bucatini (brown pasta if you prefer)


Fry garlic in olive oil until golden
Add cherry tomatoes in half or quarters
Bit of herbs and/or parsley
Throw in the lemon juice & chillies
Add a lug of white wine, lower the heat and leave to simmer for a bit
You can drop a pinch of salt and fresh pepper into the steaming pan according to taste
Serve with extra virgin olive oil

And of course, given our mediterranean appetite, we are never happy with just the main course, and this time we had some pretty good stuff to look forward to after the meal. We had some homemade cake, waffles and other sweets from Holland, and of course freshly brewed espresso to finish it off. 

Bonus Picture: Louise with an original Diana camera that Ruth found at her grandparent’s house! We’re hoping it still works 🙂  Stay tuned on a follow-up post on this newly found Diana camera!



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