Something Special

‘Something Special’ will be a regular post where we put the spotlight on one of our personal items that we think you would like.

Object: Guzzini G-Plus Single Espresso Machine

What’s so special about it?

When I’m travelling I make it a point to bring different kinds of coffees from the area that I’m visiting, therefore this machine was a perfect treat for me. Recently I am also experimenting with my own coffee mixtures such as my version of the traditional Maltese coffee which is a mixture of good quality ground coffee, a little bit of chicory (cikwejra) , some ground cloves, aniseed and a pinch of cinnamon. If you appreciate simplicity, good design and good coffee, then you will love this machine. Usually I enjoy a cup in the morning in my balcony looking at the view of Kalkara front, Vittoriosa bastions and Valletta harbour.

Birthplace and Story.

It was love at first sight and given the bright colour and minimalistic shape, I was immediately picturing it in my new white kitchen. At the same time, I had always wanted to buy a coffee machine due to my obsession with good coffee. It was at the back of my mind for a long time now. I was trying to find something with good/playful design and at the same time that produces a good thick espresso. I bought this Machine during an event at Domestica Showroom. At the time I was flat broke but the temptation was too strong. The fact that I was a little bit tipsy didn’t help either and the cute salesman made things look more tempting. I left the showroom still a little bit dazed and with a big smile on my face, proud with my new toy.


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