Sketchbook Chicks

So what is this Sketchbook Chicks all about? Well it’s all about portraying creative females, sometimes according to their careers, and surrounding them by stereotypical (albeit desirable) items! I’m not gonna lie, it’s also an excuse for me to draw these kind of things. There’s something oddly entertaining about drawing nicely dressed ladies with their tiny items and accessories.

The first one is ‘The Fashion Blogger’; the envy of all Fashion enthusiasts, with her colourful brogues, aztek cardigan, retro sunglasses and the infamous ‘blogger bun’. She’s obviously ditched her car for a bicycle because cars are bad for the environment man! She still can’t let go of the Eiffel Tower motif, even though it’s been plastered around the fashion industry for a while now. A lover of owls, moustaches and a Diana camera, the Fashion Blogger is what every hipster chick aspires to be. Can you relate? 😉





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